Therme Konstanz

If you don't just want to experience a wonderful spa day, but also want to do something for your beauty and inner balance at the same time, then crown the wellness day at the Bodensee-Therme Konstanz with a visit to Karin Martin's massage and cosmetics team.

Here you are in the best hands with qualified and experienced specialists and are pampered all around: for example with a partial or full body massage, a hot stone or hot chocolate massage, a facial peeling or a spa arrangement. The massage and cosmetic unit is also accessible to external guests.
If you want to combine your spa day with a plus in relaxation, you have come to the right place.

Tip for couples: Try the spa arrangements for two, for example a couples massage!

Our Offer


Aromatic oil massage
50 min. 75,00 €
Hot Chocolate-Massage
50 min. 79,00 €
Star moment with a care chocolate of your choice
50 min. 79,00 €
Star hour Deluxe with a care chocolate of your choice
80 min. 115,00 €
Hot Stone-Massage
50 min. 79,00 €
Hot Stone-Massage
80 min. 115,00 €
Classical full body massage
50 min. 79,00 €
Foot reflexology massage
25 min. 39,00 €
Thalasso full body peeling
25 min. 39,00 €
Relaxing Body Peeling with Coconut Oil and Papaya
50 min. 75,00 €
Pampering partial body massage back, head-neck or foot massage
25 min. 39,00 €
Wellness children's massage (from 6 years) with coconut oil or Hot Chocolate
25 min. 39,00 €

Facial Treatments

Facial peeling with massage or mask
25 min. 39,00 €
Pampering facial treatment
50 min. 75,00 €
Classic facial treatment with cleansing
80 min. 109,00 €
Purification treatment Thalgo
50 min. 95,00 €
!QMS Medicosmetics treatment
50 min. 95,00 €
!QMS Medicosmetics treatment
80 min. 119,00 €
Thalgo Intensive moisturizing treatment
80 min. 119,00 €
Luxury treatment !QMS with oxygen or 2 masks to tighten the skin
100 min. 139,00 €
Luxury facial treatment Prodige
100 min. 149,00 €


Wellness Break
Relaxing back or head/neck massage with a caring face mask and a hand or foot massage.
50 min. 85,00 €
Welcome tea, sea foam peeling with subsequent body pack "velvet and silk" and relaxing massage.
85 min. 125,00 €
Welcome Prosecco, soft body peeling, star hour Deluxe body massage
incl. face and head massage with the Diamant care chocolate.
110 min. 155,00 €
Wellness Enjoyment
Welcome Prosecco, full body peeling with rich body wrap, face peeling with mask, wellness massage.
140 min. 199,00 €
Panpuri Asia Body Treatment
Welcome tea, Thai full body peeling, aroma oil full body massage.
90 min. 135,00 €
Business arrangement for him
Welcome Prosecco, full body peeling, back massage, facial treatment, hand care.
110 min. 175,00 €
Refuel in paradise
Caribbean luxury for skin and soul Welcome Prosecco, body peeling massage with coconut oil, fresh papaya and extra fine sea sand, pampering body massage Harmony, Caribbean facial treatment.
170 min. 239,00 €

Our spa arrangements can also be booked in pairs in our double cabin.

Ligne St Barth

With our exquisite elixirs and spa treatments we take you into a world of Caribbean relaxation. Exotic oils and fragrances of the Caribbean Tiaré blossom, fine lily or essence of pure Bourbon vanilla caress the soul and pamper the senses. Taste the fresh exotic fruit mousse before it is mixed with our high-quality elixirs to intensively caring peelings or packs. Enjoy the scents, essences and tropical freshness of a colourfully mixed Caribbean fruit basket with extracts of pineapple, papaya, melon, passion fruit or mango during a relaxing facial treatment. Our wellness treatments with products from Ligne St Barth:

Body peeling massage with coconut oil & papaya, St Barth Softness
Relaxing peeling massage for soft, velvety and even skin. The fruit enzymes of fresh papaya and a special sea sand complex remove dead skin cells, coconut oil cares for the skin and pampers it with valuable nutrients.
50 min. 75,00 €
Fine body pack with soothing relaxation massage, St Barth Sensation
This soothing body pack provides intensive moisture and is a treat for all the senses. You get a visibly refined and velvety, silky skin all over your body.
50 min. 79,00 €
Pampering full body massage, St Barth Harmony
Relaxing, gentle full-body massage with intensive care products specially tailored to your needs. As a special finish, you will be pampered with a touch of the Caribbean.
50 min. 79,00 €
Facial and décolleté treatment with hand massage, St Bart Pureness
Enjoy the fresh scents of natural elixirs reminiscent of a colorful Caribbean fruit basket. The particularly calm, pampering treatment process supports your deep relaxation.
55 min. 95,00 €
Facial and décolleté treatment with hand massage & fresh papaya, pineapple or cucumber mousse, St Barth Freshness
Enjoy an intensely relaxing and recreative treatment of face, neck, décolleté and hands. The result is a visibly smoother and fresher complexion.
80 min. 119,00 €
Facial & décolleté treatment, St Barth Pureness short
Enjoy the fresh scents of natural elixirs reminiscent of a colorful Caribbean fruit basket. The particularly calm, pampering treatment process supports your deep relaxation.
25 min. 45,00 €
Relaxing head & foot massage, St Barth Men short
The scent composition of the St Barth Homme line, which is tailored to men, provides relaxing moments. Special massage grips on head and foot give new strength and vitality.
25 min. 45,00 €

You can also buy St Barth products in our wellness area and indulge yourself and your body every day.

Floating Couch Thermo-Spa

Relieves joints, pelvis, spine and the entire skeleton. Relaxation of the musculature, pain can be reduced.

Our tip for sauna guests: 
A Thalasso whole body peeling. A creamy, warm algae mousse gently frees your body from dead skin cells. With stimulating massage movements the skin appearance is refined and the micro circulation is stimulated, thus the purification is optimally supported during the sauna. The rest break between the sauna courses is ideally suitable for relaxing face or body applications.

Floating couch for heat preparation of your subsequent massage
15 min. 15,00 €
Floating bed for heat expansion at 35 degrees
25 min. 25,00 €
Aquajet massage: Tempered water jets act through the foil and release tensions
25 min. 29,00 €

Täglich von 10.00 bis 19.30 Uhr
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